Michal "Peanut" Karmi

Michal Karmi, known to the world as Peanut, is a trilingual children’s musician and YouTube sensation (…and photographer, environmentalist, lindy hopper, world traveler!)

Peanut resides in Los Angeles, CA, where she is building a love empire around babies, toddlers, children and families. If you’ve met Peanut, you have experienced the magic of her uplifting energy. Through voice, music, dance and smiles, she captivates hearts young and old.

Peanut was born in Israel and grew up between Israel and California. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012 with a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies.

So what happened? Well...Peanut is soooo amazing with kids that her birthday party business and YouTube channel grew naturally while pursuing her degree. Yup: career switch!

Her many passions include photography, whole foods cooking and baking, swing dancing, playing the ukulele, guitar and piano, traveling the world, practicing yoga and riding her bike… Mostly, singing for children is what brings light into her day. Her renowned children’s albums and self-marketing YouTube channel speak for themselves!

Staff recommendation: Buy her albums and have them autographed. They'll be worth even more someday.